CAIRNBRAE TIFF (Big Smith Spanky X Cairnbrae Scuffle) 

Cairnbrae Tiff was an amazing addition to my terrier family.  This beautiful terrier produced some very exceptional puppies and was a great addition at  Rapscallion terriers.  She is enjoying retirement with a wonderful family in Ottawa who also own one of Tiff’s sons.

RAPSCALLION DARLA (Cairnbrae Tiff X Conquest Dash)

Rapscallion Darla is a feisty little girl and is the apple of my eye.  She was spayed early in life  but is a huge part of Rapscallion Terriers.

Rapscallion Kate (Cairnbrae Tiff  X  Conquest Rider)   

Rapscallion Kate is a charismatic, showy terrier with beautiful structure and  a lovely temperament.  She is a loving mother who has produced some amazing Rapscallion puppies. Our dear Kate has been retired and is living with an amazing family in Kingston. I have two of her daughters to go forward with.

RAPSCALLION RILEY (Rapscallion Rowdy X  Nova)  

“Riley” is a beautiful smooth tan and white little dynamo. Very much like her father Rapscallion Rowdy she does everything with much enthusiasm! Her first year of showing was very successful with multiple conformation wins including a class win at the 2022 U.S. National Trial. She excelled at racing and lure coursing and has already started in the field.                     

CONQUEST TORY (Conquest Topaz X Conasauga Engage)

Conquest Tory has a special place in my heart because she is the granddaughter of “Conquest Tart”, who I raised and competed with for some time. Like “Tart”, Tory is an amazing athletic terrier who is both elegant and powerful at the same time. Thank-you to Gaye Redpath Schaeper for entrusting me with Tory. After producing my amazing Rapscallion “Ringo” Tory has been retired from breeding and has a new career as a much loved family pet and service dog in Barrie Ontario.