About Us

Rapscallion Terriers is a very family oriented place; my husband Bill and my daughter Maggie all appreciate and love our farm, and the variety of animals in our lives. We are located in the tiny hamlet of Harley Ontario, and this community is truly an amazing little place.  

Rapscallion Terriers is a registered Kennel in accordance with the regulations of Brant County. We have lots of activity here, yet lots of space (15 acres) for our animals to play. We live here with our horses, miniature donkeys, our beautiful German Shepherd “Property Managers”, and of course our amazing Jack Russell Terriers.  

My daughter Maggie has been raised with Jack Russell’s since birth. I truly believe this has helped shape her character into the amazing young lady she is today. She has never been afraid of a challenge, and helps me a great deal with the walking and training of the terriers.  She started her “show career” at 18 months old when I sent her into the show ring with a terrier tied around her waist, and a piece of chicken in her hand. Maggie is now away at school, but I am lucky to have wonderful nieces and neighbor kids to come and play with all the new puppies.

We take great pride in keeping everything here very safe and animal friendly. My amazing husband has built a gorgeous kennel for the terriers where they stay if no one is around to supervise them, otherwise they are generally found in the house or backyard playing. 


“A rascal” one who is playfully mischievous

The name Rapscallion Terriers came about many years ago, thanks to my mother. My Irish Canadian mum had a great collection of nicknames for my siblings and I. Some included scalliwags, hooligans, and of course my favorite “Rapscallions”.

She always called us this with great fondness, even if we were truly testing the limits of any parent. So when I became a parent to my first terrier, it was a nickname I quickly remembered. No matter what these  lovable little terriers get themselves into, it usually takes all I have not to laugh. Sadie-Sue used to disappear at night and come back with my neighbors suet-ball from their bird feeder. She had me hightailing it through the snow in  my slippers many times, while she ran circles around me in the moonlight!

I’ve had to dive into swamps, swimming pools, icy half frozen ponds, and many other spots I’ve probably forgotten, to rescue my dogs from all kinds of situations, all the while thinking what “Rapscallions” they were. Times when a simple walk in the woods turned into a huge adventure for myself and the terriers. Always pushing the limits, I remember all too well grabbing soaking wet terriers from freezing January waters, holding them inside my jacket against my skin, and running all the way back home to get them dried off.

Once, my first stud dog Tye once jumped in the river after what he thought was a groundhog. Well, we all know groundhogs don’t generally live in the river,  and Tye found that out when he got attacked by a beaver! I still remember explaining to my vet what happened, while he put him under to sew up his injuries. We were lucky the beaver didn’t kill him, or at the very least, neuter him, as the beaver had swam up underneath Tye and bit him. They’ve been skunked, killed all kinds of critters, and had many close calls over the years. And just when I think I have seen it all … my “Rapscallions” come up with something new. Life is never dull with a Jack Russell!